Crisis & Recall Preparedness from The Acheson Group

Food and beverage companies today are concerned about potential threats to operational efficiency, risk control, brand reputation, and compliance with existing and emerging regulations. To service these needs, The Acheson Group (TAG) offers deep industry expertise and a global perspective aimed at assessing and managing operational risk, reputational risk, and regulatory risk.

TAG is a virtual, distributed company. Subject matter experts are strategically located around the U.S. close to customer sites or are rapidly accessible via communications. TAG's seasoned industry veterans are invested in delivering immediate, comprehensive food safety support and advice. With unique and extensive connections to global food safety companies and key food safety leadership in the FDA, FSIS, and CDC, The Acheson Group offers effective knowledge of industry best practices for food safety management.

Recall and Crisis Management Preparedness A well-developed, expert, and field-tested recall and crisis management plan can "save" a company when its reputation is on the line. TAG helps prepare companies to successfully handle a product recall in the best possible light. TAG provides expertise in building robust recall/incident management programs for food safety-related crises such as those driven by social media or new regulations, and helps companies implement those plans to navigate a rapid recovery.

TAG’s unique public health, medical, legal, and regulatory experience, as well as its ability to communicate complex issues, provides solutions developed to help companies minimize damage during a crisis pertaining financial loss, brand damage and loss of customer confidence. TAG guides companies in the right direction using these four approaches:

  • Develop TAG experts will assess a company’s facility and evaluate the procedures and systems in place relating to handling product recall and public relations/media response strategies involved with their recall/incident management. TAG takes these learnings and observations, aligns them with industry practices and regulatory requirements and draft a best-in-class recall plan that is customized to its needs and best protects the company’s brand reputation.
  • Enhance TAG will review and conduct a gap analysis of a company’s recall and incident management plan in an effort to enhance readiness to successfully manage a recall or other product-related crisis. This service includes guidance on how to perform a health hazard evaluation, determination of scope and depth of a recall, and how to develop a recall strategy and appropriate communication strategies.
  • Train TAG will devise a realistic, tailored “real-life” recall simulation scenario to help test a company’s recall plan, process and systems. This simulation exercise can expose potential gaps in a current process or system, and builds awareness and confidence with recall roles, responsibilities and procedures.
  • Respond Should a potential recall situation arise, TAG will help manage it to minimize brand damage, monetary losses and other recall-related consequences. TAG offers a variety of services during an actual or threatened recall situation such as advising on potential courses of action, assessing epidemiological information and insight on the degree of public health risk, assistance with a Health Hazard Evaluation and providing support for any interaction between clients and Local, State or Federal Regulators as well as composing appropriate messages, talking points and FAQ’s to customers, other stakeholders, the public and/or media.