GFSI Food Safety Certification from CERT ID

What we do  CERT ID LC is an ISO accredited certification body conducting third-party audits against GFSI benchmarked standards, including:

  • BRC Global Standard for Food Safety
  • BRC Global Standard for Storage and Distribution
  • SQF Code

CERT ID is in the process of expanding services to provide certification to the BRC and SQF packaging standards and BRC Agents and Broker standard.

CERT ID provides online training courses in HACCP and can connect you with an Approved Training Provider (ATP) for BRC standard training.

Although the British Retail Consortium (BRC) Food Safety Standard began in the UK, it is now recognized as a global standard. There are over 22,000 BRC certified sites worldwide, and a large network of BRC certification bodies in 123 countries. BRC initially developed its Global Standard for Food Safety in order to help the food industry meet the legislative requirements of the EU General Product Safety Directive and the UK Food Safety Act.

CERT ID is a Costco-approved certification body and meets third-party audit needs for suppliers selling to Costco.

Why GFSI Certification? The Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) is a retailer initiative formed in 2000 to reduce food safety risks for consumers, manage costs in a global system by reducing audit redundancy, develop food safety competencies, and provide a stakeholder platform for collaboration, information exchange, and networking. GFSI’s aim is “once certified, accepted everywhere”.

Key benefits for achieving GFSI certification include:

  • Increased market access in the global supply chain
  • Brand protection
  • Reduction of food safety and liability risks to your company
  • Demonstrated commitment to food safety and quality
  • Reduced audit redundancy

Why CERT ID? CERT ID is committed to delivering accurate, reliable certification to clients, thereby providing consumers with greater confidence in the foods they purchase.

CERT ID is ANSI-accredited to ISO Guide 65 for bodies certifying products, processes, and services. CERT ID clients can be assured that their audit and certification decision will be upheld with the highest degree of objective and technical competency.

CERT ID is a 5-star rated certification body by the British Retail Consortium and boasts a client retention rate of 95% due to our focus on exceptional customer service.

Our Auditors  CERT ID auditors are formally trained and registered with scheme owners for the GFSI benchmarked standard and categories they audit to. CERT ID auditors hold post-secondary education degrees or vocational training in a food-related or bioscience discipline. At a minimum, CERT ID auditors have five years’ professional experience in the food industry in a Quality Assurance or food safety role.

CERT ID auditors comply with all accreditation and scheme requirements for successful completion of an ISO or equivalent Management System Lead Assessor course as well as specific training and examination to each standard by the scheme owner. CERT ID auditors maintain professional registration as a GFSI auditor through on-going internal and external practical examination via witness audits and continuing education activities.