Gluten Free Certification by CERT ID

Gluten-free is one of the fastest growing categories in the food and beverage market, with double-digit growth expected to continue in the coming years. Food companies can benefit from this exponential growth by demonstrating their commitment to producing safe, reliable, and trusted gluten-free products.

There are many gluten-free labels and claims in the market, but only a few, including CERT ID Gluten Free, are based on a rigorous, process-based standard. This standard includes a thorough risk assessment and, when necessary, a sampling and testing program. Putting the CERT ID Gluten-Free seal on your products sends a message to consumers that you are serious about their safety – and your reputation.

CERT ID’s Gluten Free Addendum Certification for companies that are GFSI certified With CERT ID's Gluten Free Certification Program, GFSI companies can benefit from the gluten free market's rapid growth. The certification program opens the door to relationships with brands, manufacturers, consumers, and retailers. This certification program is a standard of science-based safety protocols that goes beyond other gluten-free claims by annually verifying operations via trained auditors who are employed by an ANSI-accredited certification body. This CERT ID program helps clarify and reduce regulatory risks regarding label claims and production, and communicates a company's commitment to producing safe, gluten-free products for consumers.

CERT ID’s Gluten Free Certification for companies that are not GFSI certified Available in the third quarter 2015. Please check back then.