Non-GMO Project Product Verification with FoodChain ID

Non-GMO Project Verified is one of the fastest growing labels in the natural products industry, representing more than 31,000 verified products and $12 billion in annual sales. According to Packaged Facts, Non-GMO products are projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 15 percent over the next five years to comprise 15 percent of the global food and beverage retail sales, a market value of $800 billion by 2017.

FoodChain-ID-Logo-Hi-Res.jpgFoodChain ID has served the Non-GMO Project in the design, implementation and technical administration of the Product Verification Program (PVP) since its inception. The NGP PVP assesses product compliance with the Non-GMO Project Standard. Its core requirements are traceability, segregation, and testing.

In addition to offering the most experience in Non-GMO Project Verification, companies partnering with FoodChain ID also enjoy:

  • Complimentary GMO risk assessments and cost estimates
  • 30-day guarantee for low GMO-risk products
  • Expedited verification services
  • Stacked audits for other food safety programs
  • Expert client service
  • Complimentary compliance consulting
  • Access to SupplyTrak, a proprietry, web-based, compliance management system designed specifically to administer the Product Verification Program