Testing Services from Genetic ID

Genetic ID offers a broad portfolio of ISO 17025-accredited food safety and verification tests to the food and animal feed industry. An industry pioneer in DNA-based testing, Genetic ID continues to service the industry with an outstanding combination of technical innovation and exemplary customer service.

GMO Testing Genetic ID provides a comprehensive array of testing services capable of detecting and quantifying all commercialized GMOs. Both qualitative and quantitative GMO testing options are available. Genetic ID has been recognized for technological advances in the field of PCR-based GMO testing and is the first A2LA ISO 17025-accredited laboratory to offer Digital PCR, a highly sensitive technology, for quantification of GMO content in highly processed products.

Microbial Pathogen Testing Services Testing for microbial pathogens such as Salmonella and Enterobacteriaceae is often needed to conform to food/feed safety regulatory policies or programs. Our labs utilize several testing methodologies to offer customizable options for the intended product market.  Test methods include AOAC official and AFNOR methods, providing the highest level of confidence in reliable test results.

Animal Speciation Testing Services Food authenticity has become progressively more important as globalization and an increasingly complex food system make it difficult to confirm product identity and/or country of origin. Animal species identification tests can facilitate export of feed to global markets that prohibit animal by-products and can also be used to detect adulteration of meat products with other animal species. Seafood species identification is used to substantiate authenticity and sustainability claims.

Food Authenticity Program Integrity in the food supply has become a critical issue across all segments of the supply chain. The discovery of food fraud can lead to costly product recalls or litigation. Our risk-based management program is designed to ensure brand protection by identifying and eliminating food fraud threats. Product portfolio vulnerabilities are identified, detection and traceability measures are enhanced, and a system for ongoing surveillance is established. Our international network of labs use state-of-the-art technologies to verify product authenticity in terms of composition and geographic origin.

Contract Research Services Continued growth depends on rapid innovation and commercialization. Our R&D department has been at the forefront of genetic testing technology for over 18 years. Several contract research services are provided, including high-through-put DNA extraction and  PCR-based method assay development and validation. 


  • Personalized Service and Cost-Effective Approach Based on your unique objective, a dedicated team of technical and regulatory specialists will help you make the optimal business decisions. We design a tailored testing protocol, follow your samples from start to finish, and explain the results. Ultimately, your sample is given the attention it deserves using the most cost-effective approach possible.
  • Unparalleled Technical and Regulatory Expertise Genetic ID was the first commercial lab in North America to use PCR-based DNA testing for GMO detection and has been providing GMO testing services to every sector of the global food chain for close to 20 years. As an approved testing laboratory for multiple export markets and certification programs, Genetic ID serves both the domestic and international markets and specializes in cost-effective test plans designed to facilitate regulatory compliance.
  • Global Laboratory Alliance - Standardized Methods and Consistent Results Genetic ID connects to a global network of ISO 17025-accredited testing labs that employ Genetic ID’s validated and standardized testing technology, establishing a consistent, uniform, world standard of excellence and reliability in scientific DNA testing around the globe.